Windows Protection Error After Windows 98 Upgrade

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Problem: While upgrading to Windows 98 an IBM Thinkpad 770E with Selecta Dock III, the following error was displayed during boot: “Windows Protection Error. Restart Your Computer”.

After installing Windows 98 on an undocked laptop, the laptop was placed in the docking station and turned on. Windows 98 Plug & Play found all devices and restarted several times to finish installing all devices and complete a “Docking Profile”. After shutting down and powering off, the laptop was restarted while docked and the error occurred.


Solution: The Adaptec AHA-2940 driver in Windows 98 is not compatible the Selecta Dock III. Download 7800w95.exe , the AHA-2940 Windows driver from Adaptec’s web site to a temporary directory and expand.

Boot to Windows 98 safe mode, (hold down control key while booting and you will be prompted to boot to safe mode).

Right click My Computer, select properties, then “Device Manager”. Double click “SCSI Controllers”.

Remove “Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI Controller”. Shutdown and restart to normal mode while docked.

When Windows 98 boots, Plug & Play will find the SCSI controller and prompt for an install. Allow the install but do not restart.

Go to “Device Manager” select “SCSI Controllers”, “Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI Controller”.

Select “Driver” tab then “Update Driver”.

Update from the location where the 7800w95.exe files were expanded.

When prompted to overwrite existing newer file with an older file answer “No” do not keep newer file

Close all windows applications and reboot.

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