When logging in I get the message: Telnet Services Not Authorized.

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Problem: When logging in I get the message: Telnet Services Not Authorized.

Cause: For security reasons the /etc/profile has been modified to minimize logins and to exclude root from logging in from anywhere except the console.

Solution: Change the /etc/profile and add additional users as needed.  It is not advisable to place the root logname in this script due to security.

Substitute “username1”, “username2” etc.. with valid user logins.

if [ `tty | cut -c1-9` = “/dev/ttyp” ]
if [ “$LOGNAME” != “username1” ] && [ “$LOGNAME” != “username2” ]
&& [ “$LOGNAME” != “username3” ]
echo “\n\nTelnet Services Not Authorized”
sleep 1

Note: If root access is needed from anywhere other than the console then login as a user granted ‘su‘ permissions and then ‘su‘ as root.

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