What is the proper method for using tape drive cleaning cartridges?

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Use only an approved cleaning cartridge to clean the tape heads. Do not use swabs or other means of cleaning the heads. The cleaning cartridge uses a special tape to clean the tape heads. A cleaning cartridge can only be used 50 times or as instructed on the cartridge packaging. When the cartridge runs out of tape, discard it and use a new one.

Cleaning tapes should be inserted every 5 backups.

tape drive cleaning cartridge

Cleaning the Tape Heads on a Drive

  1. >Remove the cleaning cartridge from the drive.
  2. Discard the cartridge after you have used it 50 times, or as instructed on the cartridge packaging.

Note: For the HP SureStore DAT8, DAT24 and DAT40, the drive’s TapeAlert feature will send a message to your backup application when the tape heads need cleaning or a cleaning cartridge has expired. Your backup software must include TapeAlert support for you to receive these messages.

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