What are some common HP-UX commands?

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SAM is the system administration tool like SCO’s sysadmsh.

To mount a CD Rom use the command:

/usr/sbin/mount –r –S syslo /dev/dsk/cot?d?

Where –S syslo is only needed on Virtual Vault & cot?d? is the device of the CD-Rom, replace ‘?’ with numbers.

 ioscan Scans for I/O devices, disks, etc…

Use ioscan –C disk   to display information about the disk

setboot – Used to turn on or off boot prompt.

To toggle use setboot –b off    or   setbbot –b on

With setboot off, you will be given boot options.

Within the boot options:

To start system with current O/S use bo.

To search for bootable devices enter sea.

To install use where n is the number of the partition of the Cd-Rom

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