Web Site Cannot Be Accessed Using Web Folders

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Problem:  Web Site Cannot Be Accessed Using Web Folders.


Sometimes a customer is not able to publish with FrontPage through http, but only with ftp. To solve this issue, do these steps :

  • Go into the web interface and go to the Site Management page of the particular site.
  • Disable FrontPage for all users if enabled for them.
  • Click on Site Settings and disable FrontPage.
  • Telnet (or ssh) into the machine as admin and su - to root. cd to the web directory of the site in question.
  • If there are any files which names start with _vti, or if there is a directory called _private, delete them. Any subdirectory will also need to be checked. Here is a command you can execute from the site# directory to search for and delete all frontpage extention files:
    find ./ -name _vti* | xargs rm -rf
    find ./ -name _private | xargs rm -rf
  • cd to /usr/local/frontpage. If there is a file called www. :80.cnf, delete it too.
  • In the webinterface, enable FrontPage again.

Also Ensure all files in the /web directory are owned by the user nobody and have the sitexx group where xx is the site number of the site.

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