Virtual Networking

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What is Virtual Nettworking

Virtual networking is a technology that provides the capability to control one or more remotely located computers or servers over the Internet.  Through virtual networking, data can be stored and retrieved, software can be run, data can be accessed and peripherals can be operated through an Internet connection just as if the remote hardware were located onsite.

Why Virtual Networking

For some, virtual networking provides reduce costs and complexity of operating and maintaining hardware and software across numerous locations.  This is ideal for businesses that have multiple locations or have individuals who are “in the field” and need access to software and data that would be more secure in a central location.  Having mission critical software and data in a central location also provides to ease of maintenance as well.

Our Experience

Computer Business Consultants has many years of experience in helping businesses find solutions for their networking needs and this includes Virtual Networking.  Many of our clients have found benefits from implementing virtual networking both from a cost perspective and from a security perspective.  Not to mention the operational efficiency that can be obtained by implementing a Virtual Networking solution.  Virtual Networking is not a one size fits all type of solution, and business need to feel confident that the solution they are implementing not only affords them greater efficiency, but also provides the security necessary to protect their business.

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