Application Support

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Application Support

Application Support is one of the auxiliary services that many IT Solutions providers fail to consider.  At Computer Business Consultants, we view application support just as vital to the success of our customers as PCs, Networks, Hardware and Internet access.  Many business have industry specific applications that are mission critical to the success of their business.  Ensuring these applications are not only installed properly today, but are operating at their full capacity tomorrow, is part of the application support available from Computer Business Consultants that helps businesses maintain their competitive position.


Worry Free Solutions

We consistently strive to provide worry-free solutions to your business.  Our certified support experts will diagnose and repair all the technical issues affecting your computers and network(s) that may affect your applications functionality.  Regardless of the type of issue that affects your business applications, such as connectivity, functionality, Internet browsing problems, software errors, system crashes, security threats (viruses, trojans, spyware) or any other support issue, we will work with your business to not only correct the issue, but put in place a solution that will prevent these issues from arising in the future.


Cost Effective Solutions

Today’s computer support issues can be very complicated.  It’s very possible that some application issues may require several calls before a solution can be reached.  This can be very costly if you are paying for each of these calls.  With Computer Business Consultants, you pre-pay one fee for the entire incident, regardless of the time and number of calls it takes to resolve the problem.  This solution allows customers to:

  • Reduce service costs.
  • Optimize support structure resources and resolution procedures for problems and service requests.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Improve resolution quality and response time for problems and service requests.
  • Take advantage of both current IT investments and emerging technologies.


Preventative solutions

We don’t like to leave application support to chance.  That is why we implement preventative solutions to help decrease possible down-time, while increasing potential cost savings.  These solutions include on-site spares, redundant critical systems and components, maintaining a complete spare parts inventory, and ensuring all of our computer networking solutions are industry standard and industry supported to alleviate the scarcity of outside support and software replacement.


Contact Us

Whether you require immediate or preventative Application Support Solutions, you can rely on Computer Business Consultants to provide these solutions effectively and efficiently so that you focus on growing your business.  If you have any questions please contact us to learn more about the solutions available for best in class Application  Support.