Managed Services

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Business operations must continually grow and change to remain viable and competitive. As information management trends grow more and more toward specialization your organization may benefit outsourcing some or all of its IT functions through Managed Services.

Computer Business Consultant’s Managed Services include monitoring and management of our clients’ IT networks, storage, backup, software maintenance, and security. Taking advantage of today’s specialized technology, Computer Business operates efficiently, keeping costs low, while delivering outstanding customer service, and improving the profitability and efficiency of our clients.

Our Managed Services allow us to

  • Proactively manage our clients IT needs
  • Standardize and automate processes to save time
  • Deliver responsive, effective customer service
  • Prioritize effectively so that critical issues are resolved fast
  • Ensure our client’s IT operate at maximum efficiency
  • Fully utilize our time and resources


Computer Business Consultants Managed Services can bring substantial benefits to your information management operations.

  • We can be at multiple locations at once
  • We have a broad range of IT knowledge and staff from junior level technicians to very high-level Certified Microsoft specialists and certified Internet Security & Network specialists.
  • We do not require payroll taxes, expenses, an office, a computer, and other employee associated costs
  • We do not require paid time off, vacations, sick time, or personal time.
  • We do not require IT management or cost of replacing an employee which in IT means months. At least 1 month to hire, 2-4 months to understand the IT needs, and all the while the company’s IT needs are not being fulfilled.
  • We create a streamlining of IT product procurement
  • We can be your single point of contact for your IT needs
To learn more about how Computer Business Consultants Managed Services can help your company grow contact us.