Say Goodbye to Windows XP

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   According to CBS MoneyWatch, 35% of computers in use today run on Windows XP – which makes it a 1 in 3 chance you’re reading this on a Windows XP computer.  The majority of the rest are using Windows 7, and a small percentage have adopted Windows 8. In spite of that (and possibly as a move to force upgrades), Microsoft is sounding the alarm that on April 8, 2014, Windows XP will be officially dead.

   Don’t panic; you have a year to consider your options. Windows XP, which has been serving users since 2001, will continue to run just fine, but Microsoft will no longer support the operating system. That means the software giant will stop releasing updates for XP, which unfortunately leaves the older system undefended against multiple vulnerabilities like malware and viruses. Maintaining a fully updated antivirus program will certainly help, but without Microsoft’s routine updates, the Windows XP platform will be exposed to increasing security risks as threats become more sophisticated. Microsoft also points out that with suspension of its support, third-party hardware and software vendors will also stop supporting XP versions of their products.

   What should you do? Make plans now to migrate to a newer system. Of course, Microsoft hopes you’ll upgrade to Windows 8. However, Windows 7 is still available and fully supported, and is an excellent option for businesses and people who aren’t yet sold on Windows 8. 

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