Safe Shopping on Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday has come to rival Black Friday in volume and dollars. Unfortunately, scammers see this busy day as a golden  opportunity to trick unsuspecting consumers with fake websites  and scams designed to separate you from your money. The best  way to stay safe is to only shop sites you know and trust; following these tips can also help you avoid an online shopping disaster.

Don’t Click on E-Mail Links

Following links from phony e-mails is one of the oldest methods for perpetrating an online scam. Imposters have gotten very good at making their emails appear legitimate, using company logos and clever domain names. Instead, open up your Web browser and enter the URL to the site offering the discounts.

Beware of Outlandish Discounts

The National Retail Federation’s  has a list of legitimate retailers offering Cyber Monday discounts.

Pay By Credit Card

Federal laws let you dispute an item on your credit card bill if you don’t receive your purchase, according to the BBB. Many credit card providers also have “zero liability” policies meaning you’re off the hook if a bad guy gets your credit card and starts using it.

Tune Up Your Software

Make sure your operating system and antivirus software are up to date with the latest security patches and updates. That way, if you do accidentally end up on a malicious site, you’ll be in a better position to ward off  attempts to download or execute code on your machine.

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