When relinking the kernel I receive an error message “pci_debug” symbol conflict

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Problem: When relinking the kernel I receive an error message “pci_debug” symbol conflict


You can fix the above problem by patching the variable name in pci/Driver.o to remove the conflict. The variable is internal to pci/Driver.o so its name can be changed without a matching change elsewhere. The variable in Compaq’s driver is internal to it. We just have to resolve the name collision:

# cd /etc/conf/pack.d/pci
# cp -p Driver.o Driver.o.orig
# strings -a -o Driver.o | grep -i debug
18790 pci_debug (This number 18790 maybe different on various systems)
# bs=1 count=9 oseek=18790 of=Driver.o
# echo pci_Debug | dd conv=notrunc bs=1 count=9 oseek=18790 of=Driver.o

# strings -a -o Driver.o | grep -i debug

# cd /etc/conf/cf.d
# ./link_unix

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