Maryland Business Works with Lake County Business to Implement Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Clermont, FL – Computer Business Consultants, Inc.  recently upgraded Medbridge Medical Solutions network and server architecture to a cloud based solution that provides a higher level of customer service, speed, and data storage while maintaining the security levels and HIPAA compliance required within the Medical Industry.

MedBridge Medical Solutions of Laurel, MD is a market-leader in Outsourced Revenue Management, Medical Technology Support, Physician Practice Consulting, and EMR/EHR Solutions for physician practices, hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. Their incorporation of both operational knowledge and technical expertise into a custom-tailored solution, enables them to deliver solid sustainable performance improvements to every aspect of their client’s operations.

With the MedBridge business model in mind, the new hardware and network solution needed to allow them to provide management, support, and consulting solutions virtually and in real time, while also being completely secure. The need for large amounts of data storage and speed was also just as important as access and security. MedBridge chose Computer Business Consultants, Inc. because of their vast experience in the medical field, Internet security experience and their expertise in cloud based solutions.

“Computer Business Consultants, Inc. designed and implemented a multi-server, cloud accessible, and secure closed architecture solution that addressed MedBridge’s requirements and was able to do so efficiently at a very reasonable price.”, said Vern Thomas, CEO of MedBridge Medical Solutions

According to Clinton Pownall, President of Computer Business Consultants, Inc., “By creating a closed architecture solution that is also in the cloud, Medbridge Medical Solutions can now provide the services and solutions to their clients quickly, effectively and securely without the increased costs to their clients of having an On-Site server. We knew the importance of not only having great amounts of security and data storage capabilities, but also the importance of speed for them to be effective for their customers. They needed to have the capability for immediate access to solutions both from the customers end and from the businesses end.”

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