Installation of a Diamond Viper V330 video adapter in an IBM Selectadock III with Windows 98 causes the laptop to lock up when re-booting.

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NOTE: A PCI network card and a PCI video card cannot both be installed in an IBM Selectadock III at the same time. If you require a network adapter and a video adapter together it is recommended you obtain an ISA network card or use a PCMCIA network card.

Solution: Boot to Windows 98 safe mode, (hold down control key while booting and you will be prompted to boot to safe mode). Right click My Computer, select properties, then “Device Manager”. Double click “Display adapters”. Remove “Diamond Viper V330”. Shutdown and restart to normal mode while docked.

When Windows 98 boots, Plug & Play will find the Viper video adapter and prompt for an install. Allow the install but do not restart. Go to “Device Manager” select “Display adapters”. Double click the “IBM Thinkpad PCI” adapter. Under “General” Place a check in the “Disable in this hardware profile”.

Close all windows applications and reboot.

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