HP LH Pro Server beeps continuously

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Problem: HP LH Pro Server beeps continuously.

Cause: Either the RAID Controller, a RAID Hard Drive, or the RAID Monitoring has failed.

Solution: Verify the integrity of the system and if needed reset the monitoring circuit incase of a system glitch.

  1. Hit the Ctrl-M option at boot-up phase to enter Net-Raid Configuration Utility.
  2. Go into Objects menu.Choose Adapter option, go to Alarm Control Option and Disable Alarm Control.Check Logical Drive option and check to see that state = OPTIMAL.
  3. Go back into main menu and check Physical Drive option.Choose View/Add/Delete and check each drive on your server by toggling on each drive listed and choosing the F2 option (Drive Info). Make sure that device errors menu shows Media Errors = 0 and Other Errors = 0.
  4. Enable Alarm Control in Adapter option menu.
  5. Make sure to save all settings before exiting application. Any questions call HP Support at 970-635-1000 Options 3,3,2.


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