How to Take a Screen Shot of a Window and a Screen Shot of a Web Page.

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How to Take a Screen Shot of a Window and a Screen Shot of a Web Page.

Everyone probably knows there is a Print Screen (PrtScn) button on their keyboard, but not everyone knows what it does.    The Print Screen button is used to copy your entire screen to the clipboard which then can be pasted by using Edit Paste or the CTRL  V key combination.  So, for example, if you wanted a screen shot of your desktop added to a Word document you would press the PrtScn button and then go into your Word document and select Edit Past or the combination of the CTRL & V keys to paste the image.

The problem most people have is not knowing how to get a screen shot of just the current active Window.  The PrtScn button by itself takes an image of all the screens.  So if you have 2 monitors the image will be of both screens.  By holding the ALT key and then pressing PrtScn the current active Window will only be saved to the clipboard and then can be pasted into your Word document or Paint program.

The PrtScn & Alt key on most keyboards are located here.

Print Screen Keyboard





But how do you take a screen shot of a web page?  Most web pages are longer than your screen.  They require you to scroll down and if you press ALT + PrtScn you will only see the Browser window and what is on your screen.  Using a web service is the way to go.  There are a lot of free web services that lets you capture an entire web page as an image.   But the best one we have found is

By using their web service you can take a screen shot of an entire web site.  Copy the image, by right clicking on the website inside the page and selecting “Copy Image”, and then paste it into whatever program you need it in.

Snapito Computer Business Screen Print a Web Page and other web services will work most of the time. You might have problems if the website was not responding properly or Snapito or other web services could not read the site properly due to unusual site design.


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