How do I set file attachment size limits in Exchange 2007?

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File size limits are set in 4 areas.

Open Exchange Management Console (EMC):

  1. Global / Organizational Limits – Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Global Settings tab -> Transport Settings -> Click on Properties (or double click) -> set Maximum Receive Size and Maximum Send Size
  2. Send Connector – Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Send Connectors -> Windows Internet Send -> Properties (or double click) -> General tab -> Maximum Message Size (KB)
  3. Receive Connector – Server Configuration -> Hub Transport -> select The Server -> Under Receive Connectors -> Windows Internet Receive Connector ->Properties (or double click)-> General tab -> Maximum Message Size (KB)
  4. Per User Limits – Recipients -> Mailbox -> select user’s mailbox -> properties -> Mail Flow Settings tab -> Message Size Restrictions -> Set Sending Message Size & Receiving Message Size

*If you set user level send/receive size higher than Global/Organizational level then it works only for internal emails.

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