How do I create a dialout PPP connection in SCO OS5 using MorningStar

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Problem: How do I create a dialout PPP connection in SCO OS5 using MorningStar PPP?

Solution: Follow the steps below in the /usr/lib/mstppp directory:

  1. Create /usr/lib/mstppp/Autostart  (Case sensitive) — (The Autostart file starts the ppp dialou connection on-reboot.  Renmae this file if you do not weant ppp to autostart on reboot.)/usr/lib/mstppp/dialout auto up exec /usr/lib/mstppp/exec.dialout netmask debug 5
    debug 0 is the least amount of logging in /usr/adm/pppd.log and debug 9 is the most amount.
  2. Create /usr/lib/mstppp/Systems (Case sensitive) Any;5 ACU 57600 ISP’s_Phone_# “” “” ogin:–ogin: \User-Login word: \User-Password
    # Where ISP’s_Phone_# is the number to dial out to, User-Login is the account name to login as, and User-Password is the user’s password to login.

    Note: Some ISPs have login prompts that say logname: so replace ogin:–ogin: with ame:–ame: and some ISP’s require an additional prompt “annex:” So you will need to add at the end after the User-Password  annex: \dppp

  3. Create /usr/lib/mstppp/Systems (Case sensitive)HAYES-9600 tty2A 57600
    # Where tty2A is the modem device to dial out as and 57600 is the serial speed (not modem speed) to connect to the modem at.
  4. To test, either run /usr/lib/mstppp/Autostart or ping and the modem should dial out and establish a ppp connection.  To get a detailed logging in /usr/adm/pppd.log kill the pppd in the process table, set the debugto 9 in /usr/lib/mstppp/Autostart.

For more information refer to the MorningStar PPP User’s Guide

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