How do I create a dialin PPP connection in SCO OS5 using MorningStar PPP?

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Problem: How do I create a dial in PPP connection in SCO OS5 using MorningStar PPP?

Solution: Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a user with the following attributes:
    a. Home directory /usr/lib/msppp (MorningStar default install)
    b. Login Shell /usr/lib/mstppp/Login-user
    Where Login-user is the script you create later and user is the username
    c. Login Group ppp
  2. Create a script in /usr/lib/mstppp named Login-user


    # PPP login shell example for SystemV Unix

    export PATH PPPHOME

    mesg n
    stty -tostop

    exec pppd `hostname`: idle 300 rtscts
    # is the assigned IP address (Ensure the address you use is on the same subnet as the host.)

  3. List the /usr/lib/mstppp
    # ls -l /usr/lib/mstppp/pppd
    The results should look something like this:
    -rwsr-x--- 1 root ppp 338527 Oct 2 07:37 /usr/lib/mstppp/pppdIf not, use chmod and chown to change mode and ownership as follows:
    # chmod 4750 /usr/lib/mstppp/pppd # chown root:ppp /usr/lib/mstppp/pppd
  4. Dialin a PPP connection and the newly created user and the ppp connection should begin.

For more information refer to the MorningStar PPP User’s Guide

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