How do I configure company screen saver?

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Problem: How do I configure company screen saver?

Right-click the desktop and choose Properties. Click the Screen Saver tab and select the screen saver called 3D Flying Objects. Click Settings, and in the Style pull-down menu select Textured Flag. Then click Texture… and browse to the location of your logo bit map. You can change the size and resolution of the image using the sliders. When you’re all set, click OK and then Preview.

If the 3D Flying Objects screen saver is not present in your Screen Saver dialog, you can install it using the Windows Setup tab of Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs applet. Open Accessories, open Screen Savers, and check off OpenGL Screen Savers.

To deploy the company screen saver to another system, first copy the company bitmap to the same location on that machine. Copy the [Screen Saver.3DFlyingObj] section from the source machine’s Control.ini to the same section in the target machine’s Control.ini. In System.ini, change the SCRNSAVE.EXE= line to SCRNSAVE.EXE= C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\3DFLYI~1.SCR.

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