How do I change the system name in OpenServer?

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I. Log in as root.


II. Modify the system name using the command:

uname -S newname

where “newname” is the new system name.


IIIa. This step applies ONLY to SCO Open Server Release 5.0; if you have an version previous to 5.0, skip to IIIb., below:

If you are running the “MMDF” Mail System then you can either:


1. Backup the existing configuration using:

# cd /usr/mmdf

# find mmdftailor table -print | cpio -ovc -O mmdf.orig.cpio


2. Make the changes to the MMDF files manually by:

# su – mmdf

Change using your favorite editor the configuration files there

to the new name in /usr/mmdf/mmdftailor and the configuration

files in /usr/mmdf/table.


3. Then re-build the MMDF database using:

# ./dbmbuild -nv


Alternatively, backup your MMDF database as step one above and

run the command “mkdev mmdf” and change the host name at the

top of the window.


IIIb.  For Release 3.0 and earlier:

Modify the node name in the kernel as follows:

a. cd /etc/conf/cf.d

b. ./configure

c. Choose “10. System Name”

d. Change the current value of NODE to “newname”

e. Relink the kernel using ./link_unix

This will keep the nodename and the system name consistent.

IF you have MMDF configured, you will need to modify the files in /usr/mmdf and /usr/mmdf/table to effect the change in system name. This procedure is outlined in another script in this database entitled, “Inconsistency in MMDF system name, and how to change the system name”.

For all releases, IF you have SCO TCP/IP or the ODT-NET Service installed and configured, continue by making the following changes:


IV.  Edit the file /etc/hosts and change the line corresponding to the old system name to read:


where “XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX” represents the IP address of this

system newname in the new system name.


V.  Edit the file /etc/default/nbconf and change the value of NB_HOST to read:



VI.  Edit the file /etc/default/tcp and change the value of DOMAIN to read:



VII.  Reboot the system.

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