How do I allow users to enter aliases outside the domain they are a part of?

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Cause: Due to security issues a user can only create an alias for a name within their domain.  Thus could not create an alias for


To enable this feature you must edit the following file:


Look for the line shown here:

if( $aliasDomain && ( $domainName!~/.$aliasDomain$/ &&
$domainName ne
$aliasDomain ) ) { $badAlias=1; }

Comment out the line. The line should now look like this:

# if( $aliasDomain && ( $domainName!~/.$aliasDomain$/ && $domainName ne $aliasDomain ) ) { $badAlias=1; }

This disables all checking on the e-mail alias. Just be sure that people don’t try to intercept mail for other sites on that RaQ.

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