How do I add multiple IP addresses to a SCO OS5 Network Card?

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Problem: How do I add multiple IP addresses to a SCO OS5 Network Card?

Cause: Using the SCO Network Manager netconfig you are only allowed to enter on IP address.  The need often arises to multihome the system for multiple IP addresses.

Solution: Use the /etc/ifconfig command to alias another IP address to the network card.  The ifconfig can be inserted into /etc/tcp to multihome when TCP starts or can be used on the command line:

ifconfig net1 alias netmask

Where net1 is the network interface card to multihome and is the IP adress to multihome to.  The netmask can be changed to accommodate the network.


The entry in /etc/tcp should be placed just under the initial mapping of the default IP address:

if [ “$do_ifs” = 1 ]; then
# Interface configuration — edit as appropriate.
ifconfig lo0 perf 57344 57344 1
ifconfig -p net1 netmask broadcast 10.255.2
55.255 perf 24576 24576 1
# ifconfig en0 `uname -n` $NETMASK $BROADCAST
/etc/route add 0 > /dev/null 2>&1
#/etc/route add 0 > /dev/null 2>&1
ifconfig net1 alias netmask # Added ifconfig alias here for multihoming

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