How can I configure a VisionFS printer to use the lp command?

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Problem: How can I configure a VisionFS  printer to use the lp command?

Cause: This VisionFs printers are configured by default to print using the visionfs print command.

Solution: Refer to the file visionfs.  Right click the link and save it.

  1.  Copy the file visionfs into the /usr/spool/lp/model directory
  2.  Run mkdev lpPrinter —> Add Local
    Name: The name of the printer
    Description: Printer Description
    Model: visionfs
    mkdev lp will overlay this file in /usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces directory
    Device: /dev/null
  3. Edit the printer’s name file in the interfaces directory.  This will be the visionfs file copied from the model directory.  (/usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces)Change the line PRINTERPATH under the Global Variables to read    PRINTERPATH=//PC_IP_OR_NAME/PRINTER_SHARE_NAME

    Where PC_IP is the IP Address of the PC or use the PC name in /etc/hosts
    PRINTER_SHARE_NAME is the name of the shared printer on the PC

    For example if the PC is called pc1 and the printer shared on pc1 is called HP1100A then the PRINTERPATH variable under the Global Variables would look like:


  4. Refer to the following Global Variables Section in the visionfs fileGlobal Variables
    printerpath = //pc_ip_or_name/printer_share_name ** Change for each printer **

    TMPFILE=/tmp/vfspr.`date +%M%S`
    TMPFILE1=/tmp/vfspr1.`date +%M%S`
    VISIONFS=”/usr/vision/bin/visionfs”   #Install directory for visionfs

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