Getting Error no utmp entry

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Problem: I am getting the error: No utmp entry, must login from lowest level shell when logging into my SCO OpenServer system.

Cause: Either the root hard drive is full or one of the log files /etc/utmp, /etc/wtmp, /etc/utmpx, or /etc/wtmpx is corrupt.


Check the system space using df -v or dfspace if the system available space is normal than do zero out the possible corrupt file out by performing the following at the command prompt:

> /etc/utmp
> /etc/utmpx
> /etc/wtmp
> /etc/wtmpx
Then reboot when possible.

There is a way to fix it remotely by making some space on the hardrive using a ftp connection.

Using ftp you can also create empty files and overwrite those 4 files with it.

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