Errors on CentOS running in Hyper-V resulting in kernel Panic.

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Problem: I am getting errors on CentOS running in Hyper-V resulting in kernel Panic.

The error message I see is:

cannot mount /dev/root
error with VOLGroup00
switchroot mount failed
kernel panic

YUM installs updated kernels that are not compatible wth Hyper-V.


  1. Run the Hyper-V connection manager and connect to the CentOS server.  If the Linix boot loader (Grub), when using the HyperV connect, does not display righ away (Hyper-V connect is slow to connect) when the CentOS server is started, then at the kernel panic message select “Restart” using the console (connect in HyperV mgr).  In HyperV manager the restart is the middle button on the console.
  2. When the CentOS server reboots and load the Grub (Boot Loader) Menu by pressing enter w/in 30-seconds.
  3. Boot to the oldest kernel whch should be the kernel the CentOS installation was installed successfully with.
  4. After the server successfully boots, from within the console (HyperV “Connect”) as root.
  5. Run the following:rpm -q kernel

    This will show the kernels installed.
  6. Run uname –r   and note the current running good kernel.
  7. Then remove the kernels that panic (Do not remove current running Kernel):rpm –e   Name_of_Kernel_to_Delete

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