Connect Remote Workers With Cloud Computing

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Giving employees the ability to work remotely is becoming an ever more popular way to keep workers happy and productive. The beauty of cloud computing lies in the easy access to your data using any Internet-connected device. And with the right tools, it’s also easy to keep remote workers up-to-speed and feeling actively engaged with managers and co-workers. Cloud based file storage and phone systems provide seamless access and communication for off-site employees. You can take it a step further by hosting cloud-based meetings using video enabled devices. This leads to great team building and collaboration.

Along with the convenience of cloud computing comes new concerns for security. Those concerns can be alleviated by deploying policies, technologies, and controls to protect your data and applications much the same way you protect your in-office network.

  • Create strong passwords. We preach this a lot, because it’s that important. Use an unpredictable mix of characters, numerals, and upper and lower case letters.
  • Back up your data. Yes, you can store it in the cloud.
  • Never leave a site without first logging OUT.


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