Can’t get labels to print properly from Word Perfect in Unix.

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Cause: In order for labels to print from Word Perfect in Unix, the labels definition has to be setup properly in the Paper Type of Page Layout and the Document Layout needs to have the initial codes with the labels Paper Type inserted.

Solution: Start wp -admin in character mode or wp -adm in Graphics mode.   Select: File–>Print.  Select the printer that the labels are to print from.  Close the Print dialog.    Select: Layout–>Page–>Paper Size.  Verify “Labels” is a selection.  If “Labels” is not an option you must create a paper type defined as Labels.  Select: Add, Labels, Labels, Yes, and setup the size of the labels.  Select the proper Location, and Paper Size.

If the labels are printing through a merge, the primary document needs to be setup for special paper types such as labels.  Retrieve the primary document into Word Perfect.   Select: Layout, Document, Initial Codes.  Then while in Initial Codes, Select: Layout–>Page–>Paper Size, and select “Labels”.  Exit Initial Codes and save the document.  This will have the document setup for labels before the merge begins.

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