BYOD – The Security Threat is Real

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Most company executives are still uncertain whether bring your own device (BYOD) is a blessing or a curse for their organizations. Many employers allow personal devices such as smartphones and tablets to be used on company networks because employees are happier and more productive when they have “anywhere access.” Plus, employees will probably use their personal devices on the company network even if they’re told not to.

A survey of 600 IT and business leaders, sponsored by Cisco earlier this year, found that nearly 95% of the organizations allow employees to use their own personal devices on the corporate network. One of the biggest challenges to organizations is maintaining a secure network. After all, you don’t know where those devices have been when they’re out of the office. Because lost or stolen devices are the biggest threat to a breach of company data, it’s imperative to use ecryption and strong passwords, changed on a regular basis.

The Security for Business Innovation Council recommends this BYOD security checklist:

  • Ensure that end users are responsible for backing up personal data;
  • Clarify lines of responsibility for device maintenance, support and costs;
  • Require employees to remove apps at the request of the organization;
  • Disable access to the network if a blacklisted app is installed or if the device has been jail-broken; and
  • Specify the consequences for any violations to the policy.

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