Beware of phony e-ticket confirmation

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Its that time of year again.  Lots of people are traveling to visit loved ones, take a vacation, or try to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  With this increase in travelers, there is bound to be an increase in spammers and scammers trying to capitalize on them.  Symantec warns about fake messages from airlines that are being emailed to unsuspecting users as an apparent confirmation.

The link in the email is intended to appear as something to take the user to the ticket that they can print out, but in reality it redirects them to a Russian website known for hosting malware.  In the past, this website has been found to host, among many things, malicious Java files that exploit multiple vulnerabilities within Users computers.

Please be on the lookout for scams and schemes that are are too prevalent during the the holiday season, and remember to avoid opening attachments and following links included in unknown email senders.

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