5 Easy Tips to Thwart Hackers

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Keeping your identity and data secure online is a high priority to protect against hackers and phishing scams. Here are a few easy steps you can implement to safeguard privacy for you and your business.

1. Create strong passwords, and change them regularly.  Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

2. Don’t share your password via email, especially if you read email on a smartphone. Phones can be lost or stolen.

3. Don’t click on links from sources you’re not familiar with.  This is a primary source for phishing scams and a  popular        way for hackers to infect your computer with malware.

4. Don’t allow browsers to save your passwords. It may take a little extra time logging in, but you’re much safer if you do           it yourself.

5. Check your log-in carefully. A simple typo in the URL could take you to a copycat site designed for phishing, so make sure      you’re on the authentic site before entering your username and password.

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